[PRNewswire] Ark Electronics Awarded Intellivision Entertainment Amico™

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[PRNewswire] Ark Electronics Awarded Intellivision Entertainment Amico™

[PRNewswire] Ark Electronics Awarded Intellivision Entertainment Amico™
Gaming System Manufacturing Contract

-- Ark Electronics And Intellivision Entertainment Establish Partnership To Provide New Family-oriented Home Entertainment System

(IRVINE, California, Sept. 16, 2020 PRNewswire=연합뉴스) World-class electronics manufacturing services and specialty design products company Ark Electronics announced a partnership with Intellivision Entertainment to deliver the new Amico home video game system to families across the globe. Intellivision, the video game industry pioneer and innovator originally known for the popular console of the same name, selected Ark for this high-profile project based on its manufacturing expertise and long-standing reputation as an innovation leader.

"Our trusted partnership with Ark Electronics reflects our focus on an integrated approach to developing Amico," said Tommy Tallarico, President and CEO of Intellivision Entertainment. "We look forward to a collaborative relationship with Ark and leveraging their industry experience and expertise to provide a world-class gaming system."

Amico will cater to an underserved segment of the home gaming market, offering a more family-friendly alternative to systems currently available. Launching in April 2021, Amico is distinct in offering non-violent games that are fun for all ages. Featuring cutting-edge technology that encourages cross-generational play, Amico is designed to be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of skill level. With a budget-friendly price, six pre-loaded games with each system, and additional games typically priced around $9.99, Amico will further differentiate itself from other gaming options.

"Ark's commitment to deploying a comprehensive suite of manufacturing services to Intellivision resonates well with our home entertainment product strategy," said Michael Lang, EVP, and Chief Revenue Officer of Ark Electronics. "The combined passion and transparent relationship with Intellivision go well beyond the traditional vendor relationship and we're delighted to manufacture a truly revolutionary and family-oriented gaming system that will bring families together worldwide."

Together, Ark and Intellivision are excited to introduce a new system that, like the original Intellivision of the late 1970s, changes the gaming landscape and sets the modern standard for multiplayer fun. Additional information about Ark Electronics can be found at www.arkelectronics.com and to learn more about Amico, visit www.IntellivisionAmico.com.

About Ark Electronics USA, Inc.
Ark is an electronics manufacturing services (EMS) and engineering design services company serving leading consumer electronics, home entertainment, automotive, and industrial IoT brands. Combining technical expertise with agile manufacturing processes, we enable customers to create innovative products at scale. By researching and applying the latest technologies, we anticipate our partners' changing needs and provide the assurance they require to remain competitive and successful in a rapidly changing world. Please visit www.arkelectronics.com to learn more.

About Intellivision Entertainment
Over 40 years ago, the Intellivision home video game console pioneered the video game industry, establishing many industry firsts and capturing an unprecedented 20 percent market share at the time. Building upon its gaming legacy with support and expertise from industry veterans and superstars, Intellivision is back with the mission to bring people together by delivering simple, affordable, family-friendly entertainment. Intellivision will launch Amico, a unique video game system that is redefining entertainment with family and friends. Amico will come with two easy-to-use color touchscreen controllers and is designed to be fun for all ages. With a broad variety of family-friendly games and a proprietary system that adapts gameplay for any skill level, players of all backgrounds can truly enjoy gaming together. More information can be found at www.IntellivisionAmico.com.

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Source: Ark Electronics

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