[PRNewswire] The British Looks On-trend Today: William fox & Sons 2019

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[PRNewswire] The British Looks On-trend Today: William fox & Sons 2019

[PRNewswire] The British Looks On-trend Today: William fox & Sons 2019

(LONDON, July 3, 2019 PRNewswire=연합뉴스) The rise of the Beatles in the 1960s formed an unprecedented youth culture, attracting those with a creative disposition such as writers, artists and fashion designers. Sharing a similar artistic belief, William Fox and Sons also evolved out of the "Beatlemania" to the real British style. This year, William Fox & Sons is proud to announce a fine array of the Beatles style designs-- a modern take of vintage story written in the 1960s.

In William Fox & Sons' 2019 collection, a minimalist tone was set with simple yet beautiful structured designs, unique pieces exuding modernity and classic. The unique icon of a yellow Fox with flashes of black sketches is one of the key design elements, carrying the desire to be smart sexy yet classic. For an authentic British look, William Fox and Sons draws inspiration from the Beatles' style: slim-fitting tonic and mohair suits with narrow pants and lapels, along with polo or Oxford button-down shirts and a pair of loafer or brogue shoes.

William Fox & Sons is a boutique menswear brand, founded in London 1913. The brand specialized in men's clothing and sporting goods for decades and later expanded to footwear, bags, and women's clothing. Tracing back to 1895, Mr. Fox opened a clothing store on Carl Fox Boulevard in Maine, US. The Fox family provided sporting goods for locals who enjoy outdoors sports such as hunting, yachting, rock climbing etc. With their return to the United Kingdom in 1913, they opened a branch in London to learn and master the British gentleman's clothing tailoring, knitting and other skills.

While getting their hands on the Beatles trend, William Fox & Sons launched a series of products that mixed British gentleman style with American's practical characteristics, which greatly opened a new chapter for modern menswear design. Through the efforts of the Fox family, William Fox & Sons defined the glorious decade and epitomized the whole generation.

"As a life-long Beatles fan, they hold a special place in my heart. That is what is William Fox and Sons about: we are not only making looks; we are shaping the iconic future," Chief designer at William Fox and Sons, Alexander Ye noted.

Source: William Fox & Sons

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