[AsiaNet] "Falling In Love With Yichang" was organized by the Yangtze

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[AsiaNet] "Falling In Love With Yichang" was organized by the Yangtze

[AsiaNet] "Falling In Love With Yichang" was organized by the Yangtze

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(YICHANG, China, Sept. 16, 2019 AsiaNet=연합뉴스) A tourism marketing activity themed on "Falling In Love With Yichang" was organized from Sept. 7 to 9 in the beautiful central Chinese city by the Yangtze. The city's culture and tourism bureau signed cooperation agreements with 14 travel agencies from 10 countries including the United States, Germany, Russia, Canada, Australia, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Vietnam, Singapore and Belgium, according to the Publicity Department of Yichang City Government.

During the three-day trip, representatives of those travel agencies visited eight key scenery spots in Yichang including the Three Gorges, hometown of the great Chinese poet Qu Yuan as well as Chexi.

Two dams, one gorge

On Sept. 8, they visited the Gezhou Dam, Xiling Gorge and Three Gorges Dam on a cruise ship. When the ship floated gradually to pass a ship lock of Gezhou Dam, they went up to the deck taking photos to mark the special moment.

They then viewed the magnificent Xiling Gorge. Samuel Robert from Australia said it was the best way to take a ship to appreciate the sight of the Three Gorges. "And it could be even better with a beer."

After getting off the ship, they took a bus to have a closer look at the world's largest water conservation project. They were amazed by the Three Gorges Dam. Before leaving, they took a group photo in front of the dam.

According to the city's tourism officials, the "two dams one gorge" is Yichang's unique resource, which refers to the Three Gorges Dam, Gezhou Dam and Three Gorges. Multiple scenic spots are located in the area, which has become the top selling point of the city's tourism promotion.

Colorful culture, long history

On the afternoon of Sept. 7, they paid home visit to residents living in the Three Gorges. Against the grand view of mountains and river, girls sang folk songs to traditional instrument while men cast nets to catch fish. The foreign representatives were impressed by the river culture they had never seen.

They kept on to visit Zigui, hometown of Qu Yuan on Sept. 8 to have a taste of a culture stemmed from the great ancient poet. Alice Hu and Hong Gu from the United States and Canada even put on local Chu costumes to have a better taste of the culture. Hong Gu said the Chinese culture has a very long history. "Both the dragon boat racing and Qu Yuan's poems enjoy high reputation among overseas Chinese."

On Sept. 9, they visited Tujia ethnic minority scenic spot in Chexi, where they made potteries, took a walk on ancient streets, and enjoyed local waving dance and shadow puppetry. Fabrian Berndt from Germany found the local marriage ceremony very interesting, especially the crying and embroidered ball throwing. He even took part in the ceremony, during which he became a "son-in-law" of a Tujia family.

Kim Jin Tae from the Republic of Korea was impressed by the scenery, performers and interactions during the trip, and of course kept taking pictures. "The scenery of the Three Gorges is Yichang's namecard, while its splendid culture is its soul," she said. "I will promote the city when I go back home, and let more Koreans to come to visit Yichang."

Source: The Publicity Department of Yichang City Government

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