[PRNewswire] Hortonworks Advances Global Data Management with Hortonworks

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[PRNewswire] Hortonworks Advances Global Data Management with Hortonworks

[PRNewswire] Hortonworks Advances Global Data Management with Hortonworks

DataPlane Service

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(SANTA CLARA, California, Sept. 25, 2017 PRNewswire=연합뉴스) Hortonworks, Inc.(R) [http://www.hortonworks.com/ ] (NASDAQ: HDP), a leading provider of global data management solutions, today announced Hortonworks DataPlane Service [https://hortonworks.com/products/data-management/dataplane-service/ ] (Hortonworks DPS), a service that reimagines and automates delivery of the modern data architecture. Hortonworks DPS makes it simple to provision and operate distributed data systems no matter the use case, whether for data science, self-service analytics or data warehousing optimization. And because governance capabilities are built-in and based on open source technologies such as Apache Atlas, Hortonworks DPS users will enjoy easy access to trusted data available behind the firewall, public cloud or a combination. This enables organizations to get trusted lineage from source to destination, regardless of type or origin.

Many modern businesses struggle to balance the demands of rapidly innovating through new technologies like machine learning with the need to keep data safe and secure, all while responding to a constantly changing regulatory landscape. This puts data stewards, data engineers, architects, data scientists and analysts under intense pressure as they must contend with existing and new applications, multiple logical and physical data stores and sources, diverse data types and data spread across several deployment environments. Hortonworks DPS helps solve these challenges by extending value to:

- Data stewards to investigate lineage, improve quality and eliminate redundancies across data assets.

- Data engineers to move, backup and restore data assets across environments and sources, while implementing an efficient data storage tiering policy.

- Data architects to define security and governance policies that are automatically enforced to meet compliance requirements.

- Data scientists and data analysts to understand cross source lineage, apply models across types of data and gain access to data to gain deeper insight into both pre and post transaction analysis.

According to Forrester[1], "Increasing data volume is creating new challenges in integration, security, curation, administration, and governance. Business users want real-time trusted data to make accurate business decisions, while technology management wants to simplify administration and lower costs." Hortonworks DPS addresses these complexities with an extensible platform comprised of a set of shared core capabilities that simplify and accelerate the way organizations uncover actionable intelligence.

"A key requirement in Liberty Mutual's digital transformation is the ability to discover, understand, secure and govern a variety of data and workloads in hybrid multi-cloud environments across multiple data lakes as well as traditional platforms," said Sesh Rangarajan, Senior Director and Head of Analytics, Liberty Mutual Benefits. "For agile decision making in such a complex and dynamic data landscape, we require a single data fabric to make sense of it all. Hortonworks DataPlane Service is precisely that. We are excited to see Hortonworks bring forth this new market leading offering that leverages robust open source platforms to help solve such next generation data problems for enterprises."

Hortonworks DPS is delivered as a service and leverages open source technologies to share and extend the value of a modern data architecture in heterogeneous environments. Consistent with Hortonworks' approach to open source collaboration, this enables compatibility with a broad array of data center technologies upon which new services and partner applications can be built.

"The evolution and maturity of the market has given rise to the need for an enterprise-viable global data management platform that can capture data at rest and data in motion while consistently and reliably securing, governing and managing those data assets," said Rob Bearden, CEO, Hortonworks. "Since our inception, Hortonworks has been enabling and evolving the modern data architecture. Now, with Hortonworks DataPlane Service, enterprises will be able to consistently manage and secure all their data assets across environments, opening new business value."

In addition, IBM will integrate its IBM Unified Governance Platform [https://www.ibm.com/analytics/us/en/unified-governance-integration/ ] with Hortonworks DPS. When used in tandem, clients will be able to define, implement and operate enterprise-wide governance programs that simplify compliance and analytics.

"This builds on our shared view that data governance is becoming a must-have, as clients face the need for self-service analytics, and deal with new regulations such as GDPR," said Rob Thomas, General Manager, IBM Analytics. "IBM believes that we are evolving to a multi-cloud world, and Hortonworks DPS is key for integrating disparate datasets in a multi-cloud environment."

Shared Core Capabilities

Hortonworks DPS includes core capabilities to control clusters, enable central security and governance and integrate with all of an organization's existing sources, including multiple clusters. The core capabilities include:

- Data source integration to register and create data sources to allow consolidated access.

- Data services catalog for full configuration and management utilities for the enablement of new services.

- Security controls for full definition of security access controls including persona definitions.

Extensible Services

The pluggable architecture of Hortonworks DPS will allow for additional services from Hortonworks as well as partner services. The first extension from Hortonworks is the Data Lifecycle Manager. Data Lifecycle Manager manages the lifecycle of data assets and maintains context for use that complies with central security and governance policies. This service lets enterprises control and manage the lifecycle of data across multiple tiers, including replication and disaster recovery, reliable and efficient backup and restore, agile and automated tiering options to reduce costs and more efficient access to data sources.

Hortonworks plans to deliver additional extensible services that will plug into Hortonworks DPS such as the ability for users to understand, secure and govern data types consistently across enterprise data lakes, and the ability to deploy clusters to the cloud or specific workloads to different environments. Additionally, Hortonworks and IBM are working together to make IBM's Data Science Experience, Big SQL, Big Integrate and Big Quality services natively available within Hortonworks DPS.

For more information about Hortonworks DPS, register for a webinar on November 1, 2017 at 11 a.m. PT: https://hortonworks.com/webinar/global-data-management-multi-cloud-hybrid-world/

About Hortonworks

Hortonworks is a leading provider of enterprise-grade, global data management platforms, services and solutions that deliver actionable intelligence from any type of data for over half of the Fortune 100. Hortonworks is committed to driving innovation in open source communities, providing unique value to enterprise customers. Along with its partners, Hortonworks provides technology, expertise and support so that enterprise customers can adopt a modern data architecture. For more information, visit www.hortonworks.com.

Hortonworks, DPS, DataPlane Service and Data Lifecycle Manager are registered trademarks or trademarks of Hortonworks, Inc. and its subsidiaries in the United States and other jurisdictions. For more information, please visit www.hortonworks.com. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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Hortonworks Contact

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[1] Big Data Fabric Drives Innovation and Growth, Forrester Research, Inc., March 8, 2016

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Hortonworks DataPlane Service

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