[AsiaNet] Story Sharing Event on Sino-Korean Friendly Exchange Kicked off in

핀하기 페이스북 트위터 카카오스토리 블로그 링크 복사 링크 복사

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[AsiaNet] Story Sharing Event on Sino-Korean Friendly Exchange Kicked off in

[AsiaNet] Story Sharing Event on Sino-Korean Friendly Exchange Kicked off in

Seoul, South Korea

- Vibrant Guangdong Embodies the Charm of International Communication

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(SEOUL, South Korea, June 11, 2019 AsiaNet=연합뉴스) On June 10th, a story sharing session on China-South Korea friendship was held in Seoul, South Korea. With the dialogue on mutual learning among civilizations and innovation cooperation, the exchange activities between China and South Korea as well as that between China and Japan began.

More than 200 guests from political, economic and cultural fields, including Qiu Guohong, Chinese Ambassador to South Korea, Lee Yong-Sub, the mayor of Gwangju City, and representatives of the Guangdong government and enterprises, attended the event. The storytellers, with their vivid stories of exchanges between China and South Korea in various fields, showcased a developing and open China, a vibrant Guangdong and unlimited potential in Guangzhou.

These stories are a dazzling epitome of the history of friendly exchanges between China and South Korea. Qiu Guohong said in his speech that the two countries are geographically adjacent, economically integrated, culturally similar and emotionally connected. Today, China and South Korea are striving to become partners in achieving common development, building regional peace, jointly revitalizing Asia, and promoting world prosperity.

"Guangzhou, China, and Gwangju, South Korea, have been friends for 23 years," said Lee Yong-Sub, adding that the two cities have maintained close exchanges and cooperation in economy, culture, sports and other aspects over the years.

LG, a world-renowned Korean company, has invested in Guangzhou since 2006. Last year, it began to build an 8.5-generation OLED panel production line in Huangpu District, Guangzhou. Sun Yongzhen, vice president of global public relations of LGD, said that Guangzhou has excellent hard strengths such as excellent business environment, abundant human resources, convenient logistics channels and transportation infrastructure, and soft strengths such as broad consumer market and high acceptance of new technologies.

"Guangzhou is an important battlefield in the Greater Bay Area. Leafun is creating the flagship park of cultural and creative industries in Huangpu. We especially hope that Korean digital creative enterprises come and jointly expand the larger Chinese market here," said the person in charge of Leafun Culture at the event, extending a warm invitation.

Also at the event, Ou Kaiming, the famous Cantonese opera performance artist and inheritor of Chinese intangible cultural heritage, and Jin Xiuzhi, the disciple of inheritor of Pansori, South Korea's intangible cultural heritage, vividly interpreted that art goes beyond borders through their joint performance. Wu zhengdan and Wei baohua, the couple winning "The Golden Clown", the highest award in the international acrobatics competition, once again pushed the atmosphere to a climax with their demanding performance of ballet on shoulders.

As comprehensively cooperation between China and South Korea deepens, including more interactions of excellent IPs, a number of cultural and creative industry leaders described what they saw as new opportunities for the cultural industry.

At the event, Huangpu District carefully set up a graphic exhibition themed "Huangpu, Hope / Go to Huangpu". And the large aerial pictures of "four zones and four centers" of Guangdong-Hongkong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Sino-Sinapore Guangzhou Knowledge City, Guangzhou Science City, the Port of Huangpu, Guangzhou International Biotech Island, attracted many guests to watch carefully and take photos.

Source: Guangzhou Huangpu District

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