[AsiaNet] Shuangliu, China -- Rise of a Capital of Aviation Economy

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[AsiaNet] Shuangliu, China -- Rise of a Capital of Aviation Economy

[AsiaNet] Shuangliu, China -- Rise of a Capital of Aviation Economy

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(CHENGDU, China, Jul. 2, 2019 AsiaNet=연합뉴스) On June 17, the Shuangliu District Government of Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China, hosted its Aviation Economy Special Promotion Conference at the Paris Air Show to showcase Chengdu's business climate and Shuangliu's aviation industry, and to establish a communication and exchange platform for enterprises on the Chengdu aeronautics, astronautics and global aviation industrial chains. Delegates from more than 50 well-known global corporations such as European conglomerate Airbus, Dassault Group of France, SNCF ("French National Railway Company"), Manico Group of Italy and Haite Group of Sichuan attended this event.

Shuangliu, this renowned aviation hub of central and western China, is speeding up the establishment of an internationally competitive aviation economic ecology and dedicating all efforts in forging a Chinese capital of aviation economy.

China's Number Four Airport

Shuangliu is located in the southwestern part of Chengdu, a national central city of China. It is one of the regions earmarked for prolific development efforts by the city of Chengdu, as well as home to China's number four aviation hub - Shuangliu International Airport.

Shuangliu boasts the four major opening-up platforms, namely the Sichuan Pilot Free Trade Zone, Comprehensive Bonded Zone, Bonded Logistics Center and International Express Mail Center, and Port of Entry for Designated Goods.

Shuangliu International Airport has 345 flights, of which there are 117 international (regional) flights. The number of flights and flight route arrangement are among the best in central and western China, and Shuangliu's flight network basically covers the five major continents. From Shuangliu Airport, passengers may reach the majority of metropolises across the globe within merely 15 hours.

In 2018, passenger throughput at Shuangliu International Airport surpassed the 50 million person/times threshold, successfully edging its way into the "50 million airport club of the world". Such a massive passenger traffic also fortifies the foundation upon which Shuangliu may rapidly develop its aviation industry and position itself as an international gateway hub.

Following Air China, Qatar Airways, Vietnam Airlines and an increasingly larger number of carriers establish their presence at Shuangliu International Airport, coupled with the continuous rise of passenger throughput at a rate of about ten million every three years, Shuangliu's status as the "fourth pole of aviation" of China is becoming ever more prominent.

Creation of Top-notch International Business Environment and Green Ecological Environment

As the number four airport of China, aviation economy has risen as Shuangliu's most distinguishing industrial feature and more important competitive advantage.

In order to take an active stance on growing the aviation economy and foster an ideal international business climate, Shuangliu has implemented measures to optimize governmental affairs processes, shortened the duration to found a regular enterprise to just two days, and unveiled Sichuan Province's first corporate investment project commitment mechanism that reduces project review and approval time from 197 days to merely 60 days. Shuangliu is vigorous in promoting the "corporate coffee time" campaign, which aims to use face-to-face dialogues between government and companies within the time of just a cup of coffee to resolve issues. In addition, Shuangliu has been quite involved in laying the groundworks for international financial operations such as lease financing, cross-border payment and commercial invoice factoring, so as to provide to enterprises financial services like cross-border financing, overseas merger and acquisition (public listing) and overseas debt issuance in order to meet a diverse range of corporate needs.

Meanwhile, Shuangliu fantastic green ecology and environment also instill energy conducive to the advancement of its aviation economy. As a vital component of the city of Chengdu's plan to establish itself as a "park city," Shuangliu has plans to set up approximately 71.7 square km of parks and green spaces within its territory, equating to 47.8 square meters of garden and green space per capita. In 2018, construction for the 8,500-mu Shuangliu New Town Park was completed, which became the biggest urban wetland park in Asia. The picturesque ecology and environment of locations like the Airport Central Park and City Loop Ecological Scenic Belt are compelling an increasingly larger number of companies to invest in Shuangliu, and even more human resources of outstanding quality and ability have chosen to reside and pursue their career in Shuangliu.

Creation of the Chinese Capital of Aviation Economy

In 2017, Shuangliu District of Chengdu officially became a national-level Aviation Economy Model District, Pilot Free Trade Zone and a key constituent of the national-level Tianfu New Area, signifying yet another monumental step forward for the development of Shuangliu's aviation economy.

Relying on its strengths, Shuangliu is devoted to position itself as an internationally famed and domestically top-tier capital of aviation economy. Focusing on the key factors for aviation economy, aviation business district and aviation hub, Shuangliu will emphasize the development of the six major aviation economic clusters, namely aviation operation, manufacturing, maintenance and repair, air logistics, cross-border trade, aviation finance and aviation headquarters.

Shuangliu established an Aviation Economy Functional Zone that measures 134 square km in total planned area. In 2018, the function zone newly introduced 11 projects such as the Chengdu headquarters of China Southwest Airlines and Tian Lang 5G, and finished the construction of the first Low-altitude Airspace Coordinated Operation Center in China.

Furthermore, aviation industry development models from airports such as Shannon Airport in Ireland, Frankfurt Airport in Germany, Dubai International Airport in the UAE have been studied, active efforts have been made to build an aviation economic cluster, and actions have been undertaken to construct facilities such as the Airport Duty Free Consumption Center, Cross-border E-commerce Consumption Experience Center, Import Merchandise Direct Sales center, Sichuan Cuisine and Find Foods Tasting Center and Tianfu Culture Experience Center, among other venues, thereby forming an upscale merchandise consumption chain and commercial cluster that stays abreast of latest international developments.

In the future, Shuangliu will give full play to its three major comparative advantages of Aviation Economy Model District, inland Pilot Free Trade Zone and Comprehensive Bonded Zone, continue to practice the development concept of airport garden city, take active steps to found an airport business district industry system set against the backdrop of fourth generation consumption, establish an international airport consumption center with regional consumption influence and global consumption resource allocation capacity, realize the monumental transition from the "airport of the city" to the "city of the airport," and strive to achieve the grand aspiration of becoming the "Chinese capital of aviation economy".

Source: Shuangliu District Government

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