[AsiaNet] 2019 Military World Games kicks off in central China's Wuhan

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[AsiaNet] 2019 Military World Games kicks off in central China's Wuhan

[AsiaNet] 2019 Military World Games kicks off in central China's Wuhan

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(WUHAN, China, Oct. 17, 2019 AsiaNet=연합뉴스) The 7th International Military Sports Council (CISM) Military World Games, which will open in the evening of October 18, is one of the most important international sporting events China has hosted. It is also the largest Games with the most participants and strongest influence since the event's establishment. Nearly 10,000 military personnel from over 100 countries will gather in central China's Wuhan to highlight military glory and world peace, according to the Executive Committee of the 7th CISM Military World Games. The charm of sports will put Wuhan in global spotlight.

The world's largest 3D stage with a 360-degree panoramic view will be featured in the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony is ready to present a masterpiece with bench-marking significance, which will add luster to Wuhan, glory to China, and draw global attention, according to Li Jun, head of the director team of the opening and closing ceremonies and other relevant people in charge.

The opening ceremony is divided into three parts. The first part is the pre-performance ceremony, including the welcoming ceremony, military music performance, emblem display, athletes' admission, national flag and event flag admission, flag raising ceremonies, VIP speeches, swearing in by athlete and referee representatives, opening announcement and athletes' departure. This part lasts for about one hour.

The second part is made up by artistic performances. Themed "The Fireworks of Peace", this part lasts for about 50 minutes and is divided into two sections. The first section highlights the long history of China while the second section displays the connectivity of the world and shared prosperity.

The third part is the post-performance ceremony, including the torch relay and the lighting ceremony in the stadium, which will be ended with the event's theme song.

A string of stage technologies will be used during the opening ceremony, making full use of the limited space to realize stage expansion with high and new technologies. Interaction with multimedia images will create a visual presentation of multi-dimensional effects, and present a 360-degree panoramic and three-dimensional space performance.

The full three-dimensional stage will use projection technology in large areas for the first time. With the combination of lighting effects and LED display technology, simple yet grand and realistic stage effects will be created. The profound oriental civilization and vigorous contemporary China will be presented through gorgeous lighting colors, freehand brushwork style of Chinese aesthetics and contemporary art forms of expression, offering the audience an immersive experience.

This year's Games will bring together top-notch athletes to stage a thrilling contest.

Judging from the entries of the list of athletes, it's fair to say that this year's event has gathered a great number of top athletes, which will certainly stage a splendid sports event.

Russia, Germany, France, Brazil and other countries are veterans in the Olympic Games and other world-class events as well as the CISM World Military Games.

The Russian delegation, which won the first place in the total number of gold medals in five of the previous six Games, this year sent a lineup of more than 300 participants, including many world famous athletes. One of them is Ilya Zakharov, who outperformed China's springboard diving "Dream Team" to win the gold metal in the 3m springboard diving event at the London Olympics. Safin and Cheremisinovalso who won the gold medal in men's team foil competition and Inna Deriglazova who won the women's individual foil competition at the 2016 Rio Olympics will also attend this year's event. The team also features Mariya Lasitskene, who just won the world high jump champion at the IAAF World Athletics Championships in Doha.

The Brazilian delegation has an impressive record in the CISM World Military Games. It once won the first place in the total number of gold medals in the fifth Games, and it was second only to Russia in the gold medal count in the 2018 event. This year Brazil sent a large delegation, second only to the Chinese delegation. It also has some competent athletes in the team, such as Arthur Zanetti, gymnastics champion of the 2012 London Olympic Games.

The French delegation, the German delegation, the U.S. delegation and the South Korean delegation are all traditionally strong teams participating in the Games, with remarkable achievements in previous events. Meanwhile, there are many players with world championship titles among attending athletes.

This year's Games is going to see a gathering of top players and heated competition, which is what the CISM welcomes and what the host country has been looking forward to since preparing for this year's Games. Chinese players are also looking forward to improving their competitive skills in contests with the world's top peers.

More than 230,000 volunteers rally to offer comprehensive support.

The Games has recruited 236,000 volunteers, including 210,000 city volunteers from all walks of life, such as national, provincial and municipal pioneers and models, college students and foreign students.

The Games volunteers have received general training, professional training, pre-job training and other rounds of training. They will work for 13 categories of positions including concierge, language services, traffic guidance and audience services.

The transportation and public transportation service guarantee for the Games is a heavy task, covering the venues of the Games, over 90 reception hotels, one civilian airport and three railway stations, according to the head of the Games' transportation operation center.

The center's executive committee has organized training for more than 2,000 drivers and over 1,000 management personnel. In addition, public transport lines have been opened at all competition venues.

A three-dimensional first aid system consisting of 120 ambulances, 2 helicopters and 6 medical boats is already in place. The meteorological authority has built 30 automatic weather stations within venues, which will offer meteorological services through the short-term proximity early warning system.

The clarion call has been sounded, and the competition drum will soon be sounded too. Wuhan is presenting a new image of Chinese city to the world with a fresh style of being "Different Everyday."

Source: The Executive Committee of the 7th CISM Military World Games

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