[PRNewswire] Joining Hands with Global Social Giants: Haval Unveils Upgraded

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[PRNewswire] Joining Hands with Global Social Giants: Haval Unveils Upgraded

[PRNewswire] Joining Hands with Global Social Giants: Haval Unveils Upgraded
2020 F7 and F7x Performance Edition

(BEIJING, Nov. 19, 2019 PRNewswire=연합뉴스) Haval SUV ("Haval"), China's leading SUV brand, has unveiled its Global Social Strategic Alliance and updated models for its Haval F7, F7x Performance Edition and F5 vehicles on November 6. Held as part of the Haval Global Social Strategy Conference and Fan Festival. Haval F7x Performance Edition was also released in Russia on November 7.

Haval's Global Social Strategic Alliance features partnerships with leading brands including Vibrato Douyin, Ximalaya, iQIYI, Autonavigate, Tencent, and iFlytek, combining 5G and AI technology with big data, social platforms and shared resources to build a connected smart social car ecosystem. The F-series was built upon the F3 concept of "Future, Fashion" and "Fun", and Haval's latest updates signal the start of the F4 era, where the fourth component - "Friends" - refers to how social sharing trends will redefine the driving experience for the youth of today.

"Whether it's trends in globalization, 5G or AI, Haval's future is filled with endless possibilities for growth. We are limited only by our imagination," said Wen Fei, Deputy General Manager of Great Wall Motor. "Haval will continue to uphold our vision of creating 'cars with heart', harnessing the latest trends to meet and exceed the expectations of customers worldwide."

Haval's Global Social Strategic Alliance was established to adapt to key trends in technology, big data and globalization. On the technology front, Haval will use industry-leading 5G and AI technology in their new models; meanwhile, the automaker will harness big data from social platforms and driving behavior to deliver improvements for a more comfortable and convenient drive. Finally, Haval will integrate global social platforms and technologies to create more opportunities for global interactions. Through adapting to technology and consumer trends, Haval has shaped the next generation of SUVs.

Following phenomenal sales performance since its launch, Haval updated its highly popular Haval F7 SUV and Haval F7x Performance Edition SUV with improved smart technology and social platform integration to adapt to the evolving travel needs of its youthful target audience. Haval F7x were released on the Russian market on November 7, after the previous models debuted earlier this year. A pioneering step in the automaker's globalization strategy, Haval's success in Russia has far-reaching implications for the automaker's global expansion.

Positioned as the "AI Smart Social SUV", the Haval F7 is the first truly global car created by a Chinese brand and has become a benchmark for the globalization of Chinese SUVs. The Haval F7 is China's first vehicle manufactured and distributed overseas, with the first round of production for the Russian market completed in June at the automaker's new Tula Factory. Since its debut in Russia just four months ago, the SUV has become the best-selling Chinese vehicle in Russia and accounts for 40% of Haval's F-series overseas revenue. In addition, the Haval F7 has been integral to Great Wall Motor's performance in the region, with total sales in the Russian market growing 452% year-on-year as of September 2019.

About Haval SUV
Haval SUV, part of Great Wall Motor Company Limited (OTCPink: GWLLF), is China's No. 1 SUV brand and a fast-growing global SUV manufacturer. Independently operated since 2013, Haval was ranked second in the 'Most Valuable SUV' rankings by Brand Finance Auto & Tyres 2017, and sixteenth in Brand Finance Auto & Tyres' '100 World's Most Valuable Automobile Brands of 2018'.

For more information, please visit http://www.haval-global.com/

Photo - https://photos.prnasia.com/prnh/20191119/2645799-1-a
Haval F7 Marked at Russia at Its Global Tour

Photo - https://photos.prnasia.com/prnh/20191119/2645799-1-b
Haval F7 Cut Crossed Moscow during Its Global Tour

Photo - https://photos.prnasia.com/prnh/20191119/2645799-1-c
Haval F7x Has Been Released in Russia

Photo - https://photos.prnasia.com/prnh/20191119/2645799-1-d
Haval F7 Passed Through Tula Factory during Its Global Tour

Source: Haval

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