[AsiaNet] With accelerated Zhongshan-Macao linkage, development in the west

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[AsiaNet] With accelerated Zhongshan-Macao linkage, development in the west

[AsiaNet] With accelerated Zhongshan-Macao linkage, development in the west

bank of the Greater Bay Area speeds up

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(ZHONGSHAN, China, Dec. 18, 2019 AsiaNet=연합뉴스) On December 15th, "Fighting - Feng Xiaolong," a story about the entrepreneurship of Macao entrepreneurs in Zhongshan, stood out and won the "Most Popular" award, among all 29 entries in the "Our Greater Bay Area - Short Video Contest among Zhongshan & Macao Youth," after receiving 34,919 votes from the Internet.

At the same time, the construction of the Macao-Zhongshan Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Park in the Torch Development Zone of Zhongshan has entered the final stage. This project, launched by Parafuturo de Macau Investment and Development Limited, a wholly-owned investment company of the Macao Special Administrative Region Government, will promote the innovation and entrepreneurship of Macao youths, assist enterprises to develop the inland market, and promote an appropriate level of diversified economic development in Macao.

In recent years, with the acceleration of economic and social exchanges, as well as that of ties in cultural tourism, innovation and entrepreneurship, the western wing of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is witnessing integration and development, and is ready to take off.

With a narrow strip of water in between, Zhongshan and Macao share the same root, as about a quarter of Macao citizens originate from Zhongshan. Nowadays, the construction of the Greater Bay Area continues to advance, and the advantages of mutual benefit and win-win situation between the two cities have become more prominent.

Dr. Han Zitian from Macao founded Singou Robotics (Zhongshan) Ltd. with his research results on face recognition technology, and independently developed robots in Zhongshan.

More than 30 Hong Kong and Macao youth projects have been settled in the Zhongshan E-park Venture Incubation Base, with 10 coming from Macao. At present, there are 29 entrepreneurship and incubation platforms in Zhongshan, including Zhongshan-Macao youth innovation and entrepreneurship incubation zone, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao-Taiwan Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base in Cuiheng New District, Zhongshan 760 "Macao Interactive Zone," and E-Park, etc.

The economic and trade cooperation between Zhongshan and Macao has been extensive and close for a long time. According to Xie Li, deputy director-general of the Zhongshan Municipal Commerce Bureau, Macao has invested more than 1,000 projects in Zhongshan so far, with a total investment of USD 2.8 billion, mainly distributed in the manufacturing, real estate, culture, sports and entertainment industries.

Macao entrepreneur Mr. Feng Xiaolong founded Guangdong Panda Sports Culture Industry Co., Ltd. in Zhongshan, which then established the Panda Baseball & Softball Club, sponsored the Panda Junior Baseball Team, and successfully hosted the 8th "Panda Cup" Junior Baseball Invitational Tournament. The company plans to build an international standard baseball stadium in Dongsheng Town of Zhongshan, actively promoting and participating in the construction of Zhongshan International Baseball Town.

The Macao University of Science and Technology and Zhongshan Zhongzhi Pharmaceutical Group have established an industry-university-research cooperation relation and realized the transformation of a series of innovations. With the construction of the National Biomedical Science and Technology Innovation Zone, Zhongshan and Macao will form a new platform for the deep integration of the industries.

On November 30th, the Zhongshan Office of the Macao Neighborhood Association, which had been opened in Sanxiang Township for one year, was upgraded to the Guangdong Office, which provides excellent services for Macao people to start businesses, buy houses, and settle in Zhongshan and the mainland.

In the fields of education, culture and tourism, Zhongshan and Macao have cooperated frequently in recent years. Since November 2018, the free yacht travel officially started; in cooperation with the Macao University of Science and Technology, Zhongshan is preparing to build "Xiangshan University" in its Banfu Town.

"Sun Yat-sen Culture" is an important cultural linkage between the two cities. The large-scale symphonic song "Sun Yat-sen," which was created and arranged by Zhongshan, will be performed at the Macao Culture and Arts Center on December 30. It will enhance the cultural identity of the people and promote the construction of a cultured Bay Area.

Today, Zhongshan and Macao is building a Guangdong-Macao comprehensive cooperation demonstration zone, conducting close cooperation with Lusophone countries in economy and trade, in health and pharmaceutical industries, high-level cooperative education, and youth innovation and entrepreneurship, fully demonstrating their respective strengths and complementing each other. A number of projects are being implemented to enhance development competitiveness through high-level international cooperation.

As the construction of the Shenzhen-Zhongshan Bridge accelerates, Zhongshan is taking the opportunities to build the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and support Shenzhen to build a pilot demonstration area of socialism with Chinese characteristics, for the integrated development of both sides of the Pearl River as a hub of the coastal economic belt and a vital force for the Area.

Source: The Zhongshan Municipal Commerce Bureau

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