[PRNewswire] "Intelligent Connectivity, Indivisible Community" 2020 World

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[PRNewswire] "Intelligent Connectivity, Indivisible Community" 2020 World

[PRNewswire] "Intelligent Connectivity, Indivisible Community" 2020 World
Artificial Intelligence Conference Online Summit in South Korea Held Successfully

(SHANGHAI, July 14, 2020 PRNewswire=연합뉴스) World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) is a high-level technological feast. WAIC2020 in South Korea is guided by World Artificial Intelligence Conference Committee Office, organized by Shanghai Pudong Smart City Research Institute, AI Yangjae Hub and AICA Inc., supported by Seoul Metropolitan Government. Themed Intelligent Connectivity, Indivisible Community, this conference was held offline on June 24th and broadcast on the WAIC official website on July 10th. Speakers from China and South Korea exchanged ideas about the development and future of AI.

Attendees include Eui-Seung Kim (Deputy Mayor of the Economic Policy at Seoul Metropolitan Government), Zhang Ying (Vice Chairman of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization), Seongtak Oh (Vice President of National Information Society Agency (NIA)), Jianfeng Feng (Dean of Institute of Science and Technology for Brain-Inspired Intelligence in Fudan University), Soo-Young Lee (Director of Institute for Artificial Intelligence in KAIST), Yooshin Jung (Professor of Business School in Sogang University), Jong Yung Yoon (Leader of AI Yangjae Hub), Yongjian Wu (Vice General Manager of Tencent Youtu Lab), Wuxu Zhang (Vice President of International Department in iFLYTEK), Soonyoung Oh (CTO of Hancom), Youngwoo Seo (CEO of AICA Inc.) and Mugu Park (Director of KPMG Digital Innovation Center).

Leaders of Seoul Metropolitan Government and WAIC Organizing Committee attended the conference and addressed the meeting. Eui-Seung Kim (Deputy Mayor of the Economic Policy at Seoul Metropolitan Government) mentioned, with AI National Strategy, Seoul Metropolitan Government provides Yangjae area with funds and places to support AI companies. Zhang Ying (Vice Chairman of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization) addressed that it needs transnational cooperation regarding how to enjoy benefits and cope with challenges brought by AI.

The conference focused on AI Policy and Frontier Technologies, and AI Industrial Development and Its Excellent Applications. In the first session, Vice President of NIA, Seongtak Oh, mentioned that the ICT has played vital role in resisting to the COVID-19 and what Digital New Deal will bring to the society. Professor Jianfeng Feng from Fudan University put forward that the key to developing AI is about Cognitive Neuroscience. Professor Soo-Young Lee from KAIST said that the future AI will develop a society combined with human being and AI with trust. Besides, Professor Yooshin Jung from Sogang University described how AI promotes a rapid digital transformation of finance.

In the second session, Yongjian Wu, Vice General Manager of Tencent Youtu Lab, shared application scenarios and what Youtu Lab gives back to the community. The CEO of AICA, Youngwoo Seo, expressed his expectation to AICA and robot industry. Then, Mungu Park, Director of KPMG Digital Innovation Center, explained how gamification integrates AI with social welfare. Idea digitalization will make cities rejuvenated and prosperous.

During the Master Dialogue part, leading AI companies in China and South Korea discussed warmly in real-time. Wuxu Zhang illustrated the Intelligence development strategy of iFLYTEK, contributing to apply artificial intelligence into reality. Soonyoung Oh introduced Hancom's business in robotics and industrial software. It is worth mentioning that iFLYTEK and Hancom jointly developed AI Outbound System to fight the epidemic in South Korea.

Artificial Intelligence is a global subject and plays an essential role in promoting economic development and industrial transformation. China and South Korea will use this excellent opportunity to create new AI ecosystem. Intelligent Connectivity, Indivisible Community! We wish more bilateral cooperation between China and South Korea to continue to be deepened, and jointly witness the future of AI lighting up at your fingertips!

The replay of this conference at https://youtu.be/l7y3hlR1m_A .

Source: Shanghai Pudong Smart City Research Institute (PDSCRI)

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