[PRNewswire] Shanghai Electric Details Offshore Wind Power Ecosystem Updates

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[PRNewswire] Shanghai Electric Details Offshore Wind Power Ecosystem Updates

[PRNewswire] Shanghai Electric Details Offshore Wind Power Ecosystem Updates

at 5th Global Offshore Wind Summit

(SHANGHAI, Sept. 4, 2020 PRNewswire=연합뉴스) Shanghai Electric Group, a world leading producer of power generation equipment and related infrastructure hosted the 5th Global Offshore Wind Summit in Jinan, Shandong Province, China on August 27. As the largest and highest-spec summit in the field of offshore wind power in the world, the goal of the Summit is to promote in-depth cooperation within the industry worldwide.

The summit was co-hosted by the China Energy Research Association Renewable Energy Professional Committee (CREIA), the China Renewable Energy Association Wind Energy Professional Committee (CWEA), the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) and Wind Energy Magazine.

Li Junfeng, Chairman of the Renewable Energy Committee of the China Energy Research Association, remarked, "In the post Covid-19 era, many countries including China have put forward a timetable for reducing emissions. Renewable energy has been increasing its presence in national energy security, energy transition and energy autonomy."

The Forum provided an in-depth analysis of opportunities in the offshore wind power market of both developed and emerging markets. This comes as China launched a guide on offshore wind power for sea planning usage during a time when the country's offshore wind power sector is growing rapidly.

"If we look at China, offshore wind energy will have a very strong growth momentum in the future. Globally, we believe the market will range from 30GW to 230GW, with emerging markets the most important in this process," said Alastair Dutton, Chairman of the Global Wind Council's Offshore Wind Power Working Group who introduced the global offshore wind market and emerging markets.

Focusing on the themes of offshore wind power policy, market and technology, Shanghai Electric's presentation discussed how to effectively reduce the full life cycle cost of offshore wind farms by constructing a reasonable system to enhance the reliability of equipment and components.

"Our vision is to build the road of offshore wind power development with Chinese characteristics," Jin Xiaolong, Vice President of Shanghai Electric Group and Party Secretary and Chairman of Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group Co., Ltd pointed out.

Jin added, "Shanghai Electric has been considering the design, construction and development stage of offshore wind farm from the perspective of full life cycle cost management and closely integrated into China's wind power ecosystem. As a service provider in the whole lifecycle of wind power systems, Shanghai Electric has built strategic partnerships with international companies in almost every segment of the value chain including generators, gearboxes, bearings, digital tools and platforms for R&D and design, promoting the high-quality development of offshore wind power."

For more information, please visit: www.shanghai-electric.com.

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Source: Shanghai Electric

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