[PRNewswire] JA Solar's New DeepBlue 3.0 Modules Earn Multiple Certifications,

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[PRNewswire] JA Solar's New DeepBlue 3.0 Modules Earn Multiple Certifications,

[PRNewswire] JA Solar's New DeepBlue 3.0 Modules Earn Multiple Certifications,
Product Based on 182mm x 182 mm Wafers Ready for Global Market

(BEIJING, Sept. 24, 2020 PRNewswire=연합뉴스) JA Solar announced today that its new DeepBlue 3.0 series modules passed certification testing conducted by TUV SUD to the standards of IEC 61215 and IEC 61730. These standards certify quality across various product attributes such as design, structure, materials, components and production technologies. The certification demonstrates the reliability and safety of the product line, and its readiness to be introduced into the global PV market. The DeepBlue 3.0 modules are built using 182 mm x 182 mm wafers (thus known as "182 modules").

DeepBlue 3.0 is a new product launched by JA Solar in May 2020. The module's efficiency is above 21.0%, and the power output of mass-produced 72-cell type could reach 545W. As one of the first 182 modules to get the TUV certification, DeepBlue 3.0 integrates the advantages of multiple high-efficiency and low-degradation technologies including the new-generation PERC high-efficiency cell technology PERCIUM+, and Ga-doped silicon wafers, which enables the product having great performance in reliability, conversion efficiency, and power generation. It could effectively reduce the LCOE and increase customer revenue. Designed in configurations of 60-cell, 66-cell, and 72-cell etc., the DeepBlue 3.0 series can be widely used in different application environments. In August, JA Solar announced the mass production of DeepBlue 3.0 products, with large production capacity planning. It is expected that by the end of 2021, the production capacity of JA Solar 182 module DeepBlue 3.0 will take over 50% of the company's total capacity.

In recent years, demand for high power and high-efficiency modules has been growing across the global PV market. Following the launch of the wafer size 166mm x 166mm last year, larger wafer sizes roll out this year and have won wide recognition. Among them, 182 module has clear advantages in its technology maturity and equipment compatibility with the whole industry chain, a distinction when compared to other large-size products promoted by PV manufacturers. The product's advantages of stability, reliability, high efficiency, cost advantage in the manufacturing part, and high compatibility with the system have been fully verified, and it can effectively decrease LCOE by 7% - 9% (the number varies based on the location of different projects), and is believed to be the best option to help achieve grid parity in 2021.

As a high-quality product designed with large wafers, DeepBlue 3.0 was also successfully certified by LVD and EMC, which means that this series of products are approved to enter the European Union's PV market. This market has high barriers to entry for PV products and thus, DeepBlue 3.0 offers EU customers a new choice of high-quality and high-power products.

Jin Baofang, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of JA Solar said, "The quality of JA Solar's new DeepBlue 3.0 products are demonstrated by the rapid certification by these leading testing institutions. We will continue to focus on product and technology research and development to provide high-quality and high-efficiency products to our global customers. We intend to continue popularizing photovoltaic technologies and products that will help the development of the entire industry."

Media Enquiries:

Oriana Zhang

Source: JA Solar Technology Co., Ltd.

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