[PRNewswire] Air China's 2017 summer/autumn schedule released; hub-based

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[PRNewswire] Air China's 2017 summer/autumn schedule released; hub-based

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(BEIJING, March 27, 2017 PRNewswire=연합뉴스) Air China's summer/autumn flight schedule has become effective from March 26, 2017. The new schedule features 395 passenger routes, including 102 international routes, 14 regional routes and 279 domestic routes, serving 180 cities in 39 countries (regions), including 64 international cities, 3 regional cities and 113 domestic cities. Air China offers over 8500 flights and over 1.66 million seats per week. Utilizing its extensive route network and its hub in Beijing, especially after its admission to the Star Alliance, Air China can fly passengers to 1,330 airports in 193 countries.

Newly started routes include Shanghai - Barcelona, Beijing - Astana (capital of Kazakhstan) and Beijing - Zurich. In 2017, Air China will continue to expand its global route network with its hub in Beijing, operating flights to all the six continents including Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Oceania, with emphasis placed on key cities.

During the period of the summer/autumn schedule, Air China will start Shanghai - Barcelona, Beijing - Astana and Beijing - Zurich services. On May 5, the three times weekly Shanghai - Barcelona service will be started and operated with A330-200; on June 1, the three times weekly Beijing - Astana service will be started and operated with A320; on June 7, the four times weekly Beijing - Zurich service will be started and operated with A330-200.

These new routes will be the new bridges in the air linking China to Central Asia and Europe, and will also facilitate the economic exchanges between China and the countries along the "One Belt, One Road", promoting the development of cooperation between China and more countries in the fields of economy, trade, tourism and culture.

The frequency of flights to Americas and Europe will be increased. During the period of the summer/autumn schedule, Air China will increase the capacity on more than 10 international routes, especially on routes to America and Europe. In the period of spring and summer, Chinese travelers to the America and Europe will keep on increasing. In response, Air China will tremendously increase the frequency of flights on routes to Americas like Beijing - Houston, Beijing - New York, Beijing - Los Angeles, Beijing - Washington, Beijing - Vancouver and Beijing - Montreal, and also on routes to Europe like Beijing - Minsk - Budapest, Beijing - Warsaw, Beijing - Vienna - Barcelona, Beijing - Munich - Athens, Beijing - Moscow, Beijing - Paris, Beijing - Stockholm, Beijing - Milan, Beijing - Madrid - Sao Paulo, Shanghai Pudong - Paris, Shanghai Pudong - Frankfurt, Shanghai Pudong - Milan, Lanzhou - Chengdu - Frankfurt and Chengdu - Paris, meeting the demand of the passengers for travel.

In addition to routes to America and Europe, flight frequency will also be increased on Asia routes like Beijing - Dalian - Hiroshima, Chengdu - Lhasa - Kathmandu and Chengdu - Hong Kong

The schedule of Beijing - Taipei's flight CA189/90 will be changed from Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Sunday to Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday.

The frequency of flights to the western regions of China is increased. While further cementing its international route network, Air China has also been improving its domestic route network on a continuous basis. In this period of the summer/autumn schedule, flight frequency will also be increased on domestic routes departing from Beijing, especially Beijing - Korla, Beijing - Urumqi, Beijing - Urumqi - Akesu, Beijing - Zunyi, Beijing - Liupanshui and Beijing - Xichang.

At the same time, flight frequency on routes to the eastern and southern regions of China will also be increased like Beijing - Xiamen, Beijing - Hangzhou, Beijing - Shiyan and Beijing - Zhangjiajie as well as to the northern regions of China like Beijing - Linfen, Beijing - Tonghua, Beijing - Wulanchabu, Beijing - Jiamusi and Beijing - Qingdao.

The 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft will be operated on Beijing - Madrid - Sao Paulo route. In this period of the summer/autumn schedule, Air China will use Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft on its Beijing - Madrid - Sao Paulo route and Beijing - Shenzhen route, bringing a more comfortable travel experience for passengers. Air China is also using the Boeing 787-9 aircraft on its Beijing - Shanghai, Beijing - Guangzhou, Beijing - Chengdu, Beijing - Rome, Beijing - Los Angeles and Beijing - Auckland routes.

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Source: Air China


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