[PRNewswire] Really taking off -- The number of PhoenixMiles members hits 50m

핀하기 페이스북 트위터 카카오스토리 블로그 링크 복사 링크 복사

입력 2018-01-09 15:22  

[PRNewswire] Really taking off -- The number of PhoenixMiles members hits 50m

(BEIJING, Jan. 9, 2018 PRNewswire=연합뉴스) By the end of 2017, the number of people subscribed to mainland China's leading frequent flyer programme, PhoenixMiles, hit 50 million for the first time - and the scheme is now looking to work with its members to usher in the next 50 million.

In 1994, Air China launched the Chinese civil aviation industry's first ever frequent flyer programme. In 2013, "Air China Miles" changed its name to "PhoenixMiles" and began to roll out the scheme to partner carriers in the Air China family, including Shenzhen Airlines, Shandong Airlines, Air Macau, Dalian Airlines, Air China Inner Mongolia, and Tibet Airlines. This made PhoenixMiles the first frequent flyer programme in Asia to include a number of different airlines. Despite its comfortable lead in the field, PhoenixMiles has refused to rest on its laurels, and every improvement it has introduced over the past 23 years has been to better meet its customers' ever more complex needs.

Air China's focus is on expanding its international route network, thus making it even easier for its passengers to travel around the world. Thanks to its membership with Star Alliance, PhoenixMiles members are now offered the choice of 1330 airports in 192 different countries.

PhoenixMiles currently extends to 38 partner airlines, of which 28 belong to Star Alliance and 10 are non-Star Alliance partners. Members who fly with any airline in the Air China family or PhoenixMiles partners are able to accumulate miles and flight segments. VIP PhoenixMiles members are also able to enjoy Star Alliance VIP lounges, baggage deals, priority boarding and other exclusive services, all of which has brought added value and additional members to the PhoenixMiles scheme.

But for us it's not just about creating a high-quality flying experience for our members - PhoenixMiles also works towards improving its members' quality of life in general. As of the end of 2017, PhoenixMiles has over 160 non-airline partners, in industries as diverse as hospitality, banking, car rental, insurance and food/drink. We have also teamed up with 10 well-known Chinese banks to issue the joint PhoenixMiles credit card - which currently boasts 8.5 million users. Members will also accumulate miles when they make use of our partner services, and these miles can be redeemed on flights, cabin upgrades, gifts or electronic goods, forming a closed PhoenixMiles ecosystem that encompasses everything from collecting miles to spending them.

Air China's online redemption platform for PhoenixMiles members (hereafter referred to as the "PhoenixMiles website") was given a complete overhaul on 25th December 2016. The newly upgraded website not only provides the complete range of member services online, but also offers even more mileage redemption options to appeal to the diverse mix of our PhoenixMiles members.

Against the backdrop of the 'big data' revolution, PhoenixMiles is constantly searching for new ways to use the data at its disposal to meet users' personalized requirements in real-time. On the Air China app for example, PhoenixMiles members are able to manage every aspect of their journey, from date changes to online check-in and reserving their favorite seats. In addition to exclusive promotions every Thursday and special month-long birthday deals, members also have the chance to seize the opportunity for cabin upgrades at the boarding gate.

Air China believes they have reached 50 million PhoenixMiles members because they care about their customers and know what it is they want, and Air China and its partners would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you. They will never stop looking out for your interests, promoting innovative products or improving our level of service, so as to provide their millions of members with more, better and newer in-flight and lifestyle experiences. Air China has recently launched its "PhoenixMiles Extraordinary Flight 50 Million Events", which members can join by going to the PhoenixMiles website, the official Air China website, the Air China app, Air China's official WeChat account or Air China's official microblog. Two lots of crazy promotions will be starting on 10th and 30th January, allowing you to redeem small miles for big rewards; on 17th January, you'll have the chance to earn extra miles by answering questions; and on 24rd January come and discover all the different ways you can use your miles, with a million miles waiting to be given for your Likes!

Many more surprises are in store - it's just up to you to unlock them all!

Source: Air China

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