[AsiaNet] Chengdu Wins the Bid to Host the World Games 2025

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[AsiaNet] Chengdu Wins the Bid to Host the World Games 2025

[AsiaNet] Chengdu Wins the Bid to Host the World Games 2025

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(CHENGDU, China, May 11, 2019 AsiaNet=연합뉴스) According to the Press Office of Chengdu Municipal People's Government, on May 9 at 8:00 a.m. Beijing time (10:00 a.m. Sydney time), Chengdu won the bid to host the World Games 2025 on the 2019 Plenary Session of the International World Games Association (IWGA) held in Gold Coast City, Australia.

On the plenary session, the Executive Committee of IWGA submitted the assessment results of the "Chengdu's Bid for Hosting the World Games 2025" to all 37 International Sports Federation members. All representatives who were present voted to decide that: the World Games 2025 will be held in Chengdu. After its keynote statement and presentation, Chengdu delegation signed the official hosting contract with IWGA, which was witnessed by the vice chairman of the Chinese Olympic Committee.

Apart from the 18th World Police and Fire Games 2019 (WPFG), the 31st Summer Universiade 2021 (SU), and the 56th World Table Tennis Championships 2022 (WTTC), Chengdu now adds another entry to its schedule. Allegedly, the city was officially selected as the host of the World Games 2025 through fierce competition in Australia on May 9 Beijing time. As the hosting place of one international event after another, Chengdu has been put under the limelight. It's not only the mission assigned by the times, but a contributor to help build Chengdu into a city hosting world famous competitions.

Another International Event to be Held in Chengdu

As an international sports competition sponsored by IWGA, the World Games is designed for non-Olympic sports. With the first game kicked off in 1981, the event is held once every 4 years in the following year after the Olympic Games. Known to be the "Olympics for Non-Olympic Sports", it's invented to promote the development of sports without access to the Olympics. Since its foundation, IWGA has kept good interaction with the International Olympic Committee and accepts the Olympic rules. With 10 events held already, the 11th will be presented in Birmingham, USA. To mutually complement and promote the Olympic Games, the World Games, the highest level international event for non-Olympic sports, is committed to advancing the development of sports and the publicity of Olympic spirits around the world. Chengdu is the first city in Mainland China, to bid for the hosting of the event.

Chengdu is making active efforts now to build itself into a world-renowned city of culture. Winning the holding right of the World Games after the WPFG, SU and WTTC, Chengdu proves its resolution and confidence to mint itself a famed city of international events. The pavilions built for these events will further consolidate its capacity to accommodate international events, and the events held will further uplift the city's international influence and fame to enlarge its channels for international cooperation and communication.

More International Elements Brought to Chengdu by the World Games

Max Bishop, vice chairman of IWGA, and Joachim Gossow, CEO of IWGA, investigated Chengdu Planning Exhibition Hall, Hi-tech Zone Sports Center, Crown Lake Sports Center, Chengdu University, Business & Innovation Center for China-Europe Cooperation, Jincheng Lake, Jiangtan Park, Kuan Alley & Zhai Alley and Night Visit to Jinjiang River Program during their visit to Chengdu this March.

Max Bishop commented, "Chengdu's highlight on environmental protection is highly consistent with the philosophy of IWGA. Chengdu delegation has made full preparation for this bidding and submitted impressive applications. Through our investigation visit, we're convinced it will be a good spot for the World Games. In my eyes, Chengdu is a modern city. Huge space and convenient traffic make it one of the most livable cities. I'm looking forward to coming back again to appreciate the landscape of the city as a tourist."

Joachim Gossow basically deemed Chengdu to be qualified for hosting the event after this visit. He said, "Chengdu is an international metropolis. Hosting of the World Games will bring more international elements to the city. It already possesses good hardware and software conditions. All it has to do next is create a suitable atmosphere for the games." He believes that the exciting and interesting World Games will definitely bring Chengdu people a unique experience

Chengdu 100% Ready for the World Games

To make sure the application proceeds smoothly, Chengdu has done full preparation in its hardware and software construction. The city has the experience and conditions to host large-scale events. With respect to the transportation, the two airports, the Shuangliu International Airport and the Tianfu International Airport (scheduled to be put into service in 2021), could well satisfy the demands of flight services. Convenient public transportation network in the city enables easy access to the sports venues. The city is also planning to put in place shuttles for citizen audiences, staff and media.

Good accommodation is a major element that impacts the performance of athletes. Hotels in the city could cater for accommodation needs of various customers during these events, offering diversified catering services 24h a day. Chengdu features complete and advanced medical services, first-aid and disease control/prevention systems, as well as a huge batch of experienced medical practitioners and advanced equipment. During the events, the venues will be provided with medical staff and ambulances, with nearby hospitals appointed for treatment of trauma caused in the competition and fast track offered for athletes. As a major sports event under the world spotlight, the Media Center of the 2025 Chengdu World Games will offer competent support 24h a day to ensure live broadcasting of the sports and extensive coverage of the World Games.

Source: The Press Office of Chengdu Municipal People's Government

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