[AsiaNet] The "Innovative Temperament" of the ancient city Nanjing attracted

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[AsiaNet] The "Innovative Temperament" of the ancient city Nanjing attracted
worldwide attention

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(NANJING, China, June 28, 2019 AsiaNet=연합뉴스) The 1st Nanjing Tech Week, which opened on the 26th, brought together a large number of technologies, experts, entrepreneurial projects and technology products, which have attracted worldwide attention, and Nanjing's "Innovative Temperament" has also attracted a lot of attention.

Aggregate global innovation resources

Five Nobel laureates, nearly 180 Chinese and foreign academicians, more than 500 high-end "black technology", and innovative alliance establishments of service organizations from 22 countries and regions...

At present, there are more than 30,000 foreigners and more than 8,000 foreign-funded enterprises in Nanjing. What attracts more and more international talents and projects in Nanjing?

"Nanjing's innovative atmosphere and relaxed environment have attracted me." Yang Meijia, professor of Massachusetts State University, studied abroad for many years. In August 2018, he participated in the establishment of the Jiangsu Alot Medicine Research Institute in Nanjing Jiangning High-tech Park. Less than one year, he applied for 3 invention patents, hatched 7 companies, and is currently developing 12 bio-new drugs.

"Respecting the laws of science and cherishing scientific research talents, Nanjing has provided us with strong support in all aspects and a relaxed and friendly entrepreneurial environment," Yang Meijia said.

Nanjing has continued to promote the "Talents in Nanjing Plan", "Starting Career in Nanjing" Program and "345" Overseas High-level Talents Introduction Program for young college students, and has increasingly become one of the first choices for talents in science and technology innovation at home and abroad. At present, 5 Nobel laureates and 86 Chinese and foreign academicians have established businesses in Nanjing.

Crack the key problem of "transformation"

Nanjing has 53 colleges and universities, more than 800,000 college students, and more than 80 academicians in Ning. The number of college students, the number of graduate students and the number of academicians are the top 3 in the country. But for a long time before, Nanjing failed to turn rich science and education resources into innovative advantages of development.

The key to the problem is transformation. Nanjing implemented the "Two Landings and One Integration" project of the implementation of scientific and technological achievements projects, the launch of new research and development institutions, and the integration of school and government, and tried to solve the problem of the "last mile" of the transformation of achievements.

In June 2018, Nanjing University of Technology, Jiangning Development Zone Management Committee and Jiangsu Deyitong Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. jointly initiated the establishment of Nanjing Jiekefeng Environmental Protection Technology and Equipment Research Institute. "Many university researches are guided by patents and papers. We carry out market-oriented applied research and strive to turn the achievements of colleges and universities into products." Dean Xu Haitao said that the institute has hatched 23 technology-based enterprises and contracted contracts with the total amount of about 25 million yuan.

Building an "Innovative City"

The first set of radio vacuum tubes, the first automatic lathe, and the first pulse time-space tube...

In the 70 years since the founding of New China, this ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, which created many "Firsts" in China, has once again opened a new journey of innovation and development.

"The construction of Innovative City has greatly stimulated the new vitality of Nanjing's development." The relevant person in charge of Nanjing said that Nanjing has been committed to building the most stringent cities for intellectual property protection, further optimizing the business environment, and striving to improve Nanjing's innovation first place.

100 laws of business environment, 30 laws of private economy, and no-contact approval...

The "Nanjing Speed" of government service has become a new footnote for the city's innovative temperament. The TSMC project, which invested 3 billion dollars in the Jiangbei New Area of Nanjing, took only 20 months from the start of the project to the commissioning. The new R&D institution "Nanda Electronics" has got millions of yuan in loans by credit, and has completed a new business registration with only one time.

The recently released 17th report on China's urban competitiveness shows that Nanjing has entered the top 10 in terms of comprehensive economic competitiveness, livable competitiveness, sustainable competitiveness, and economy competitiveness. Nanjing ranked 12th among the top 50 global research cities in Nature magazine.

With the integration of the Yangtze River Delta as a national strategy, major opportunities such as the "Belt and Road" and the Yangtze River Economic Belt come for Nanjing, and the development of the ancient city of Nanjing is full of possibilities. Last year, the number of high-tech enterprises in Nanjing increased by 1,282, a year-on-year increase of 70%; the number of newly-employed college students was 340,000, a year-on-year increase of 60%.

Source: The Organizing Committee of Nanjing Tech Week

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