[AsiaNet] Chengdu "Chubby Pandas" Arrive at the Streets of Italy by Air,

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[AsiaNet] Chengdu "Chubby Pandas" Arrive at the Streets of Italy by Air,
Issuing an Invitation from the Hometown of Panda

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(CHENGDU, China, July 15, 2019 AsiaNet=연합뉴스) Five "chubby pandas" from Chengdu danced with friends from around the world during a joyous panda swing dance in Naples, the largest city in southern Italy, on July 12th. The activity is under the sponsorship of the Chengdu Municipal People's Government. In 2021, Chengdu will relay to Naples to hold the 31st Summer Universiade.

"Panda" Hugs Link Two Host Cities of Universiade

In mid-July, the streets of Pompeii, Naples, were packed with people as usual. Suddenly, five black-and-white charmingly naive "chubby pandas" appeared in Pompeii City Hall Square, and showed a cute "panda swing dance". Many tourists and residents stopped to take photos, and bursted into cheers.

In the melody of the famous Italian singer Jovanotti's song "Il Piu Grande Spettacolo Dopo Il Big Bang", "chubby pandas" sent invitations to each passing person through a lovely swing dance, gave big panda hugs to tourists and children, and invited them to take part in a group photo and the online event of "Chengdu Gift Packs" of the 31st Universiade, so as to win a free chance to the Host City of the Next Universiade.

On the afternoon of July 12th, "chubby pandas" came to Piazza Umberto I in Marcianise, Caserta, and danced "panda swing dance", inviting them to Chengdu Panda Cafe (Naples store) for a taste of the limited flavor from Chengdu, China. The Cafe, officially opened on July 13th local time, provides 2021 free cups of Panda Coffee for the world to have a taste of the "Chengdu flavor" of the city hosting the 31st Universiade.

In addition to the "panda swing dance" flash at Pompeii City Hall Square and Piazza Umberto I in Marcianise, cute "chubby pandas" can also be seen near several famous landmarks in Naples, such as Victoria Square and the St. Paul Sports Center. These pandas provide big hugs to link two host cities of Universiade―Chengdu and Naples.

International Chengdu Invites Guests from all over the World in 2021

In 2021, Chengdu will relay to Naples to hold the 31st Summer Universiade. More than 10,000 athletes and officials from about 170 countries and regions will gather in Chengdu.

Chengdu boastsa history of more than 4,500 years of civilization and more than 2,300 years of urban construction. In the past thousand years, the city site has not moved and the city name has not changed. Chengdu is the habitat of the world natural heritage giant panda and the hometown of the "national treasure" giant panda. Dujiangyan-Mount Qingcheng, the natural and cultural heritage of the world, fully demonstrates the industriousness and wisdom of Chinese people. And "Jinsha Site", a 3,000-year historical city site, is still flashing the mysterious light of ancient Shu civilization.

At present, taking the world famous cultural city as the target, Chengdu is making every effort to build the city brand of "three cities and three capitals" which integrates the world famous cultural city, the tourist city, the event city and the international food capital, the music capital and the exhibition capital. The 31st Universiade will be held in Chengdu, which becomes the first comprehensive international sports meeting successfully applied for after Chengdu puts forward the goal of building a famous event city in the world.

The strong economic strength, complete urban infrastructure and modern service level make Chengdu not only meet the requirements for hosting the Universiade in 2021, but also make Chengdu become confident to further improve the quality and level of the Universiade.

Source: Chengdu Municipal People's Government

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