[AsiaNet] Second Smart China Expo to kick off in Chongqing

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[AsiaNet] Second Smart China Expo to kick off in Chongqing

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(CHONGQING, China, Aug. 24, 2019 AsiaNet=연합뉴스) West China's Chongqing will be in the global spotlight again, not for its beautiful scenery, but its smart edge.

The city will hold the Smart China Expo (SCE) 2019 from Aug. 26 to Aug. 29. With the theme of "Smart Technology: Empowering Economy, Enriching Life", the four-day event is jointly organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, China Association for Science and Technology and the Chongqing Municipal People's Government.

Chongqing is widely known as a city featuring hot pots, night views, 8D magical terrains and traditional manufacturing. New labels such as "technology", "innovation", "intelligence" and "smartness" have been added to the city's image since Chongqing held the first SCE in August 2018. Domestic and foreign guests attending the event were awed by the city's natural beauty and cultural appeal, and are upbeat about Chongqing's bright prospects of high-quality development and life.

The SCE 2019, with much more to offer than the previous one, enables industrial players to meet again and see the latest developments of smart technologies. Some 388 VIP guests and 843 companies will attend the event to share their insights of the development of the big data intelligence industry.

A total of 388 VIP guests from a wide range of fields have confirmed their attendance so far, an increase of 249 people compared with last year, according to the event's organizing committee. Singapore, the United Kingdom, and Italy will be the guests of honor this year. In addition, 128 well-known scholars in big data intelligence have confirmed their participation, including 13 Nobel Prize winners, 4 Turing Award winners, 2 Fields Medal winners, 6 leaders of international organizations and institutions, and 52 well-known academicians at home and abroad.

In terms of exhibitors, 843 companies from 28 countries and regions confirmed their participation, an increase of 306 from the inaugural event. Google, Qualcomm, Sony, Kawasaki, Intel, Schneider, Mitsubishi Electric, SK Hynix, STMicroelectronics, Alibaba, Tsinghua Unigroup, ZTE and other domestic and foreign top 500 and industry leaders will participate in the exhibition, making this year's event more international and professional than the previous one.

The SCE 2019 features a series of conferences, exhibitions, contests and forums which center on the combination of big data and industries. A total of 46 forums will be held in addition to the opening ceremony and a summit. Eight contests including i-VISTA Grand Challenge, International Drone Race Performance, and China-Singapore Industrial App Innovative Contest have been launched.

A string of industrial standards, index reports and white papers will be released during the event, covering the development of China's big data, 5G technology, information security, artificial intelligence and industrial internet.

To improve experience of smart life, the SCE 2019 will set up 4 interactive experience venues and over 50 real-life scenarios. At the same time, all venues and outdoor smart experience areas of Chongqing International Expo Center will be covered by 5G network during the event, enabling visitors to experience 5G ecology.

Chongqing is a permanent venue for the SCE, making the smart city a place open for cooperation. Chongqing is willing to work with friends across the world to promote the smart industry's growth and create a better future of digital economy.

Official website: https://www.smartchina-expo.cn/En-index.shtml

Source: The SCE Organizing Committee

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