[PRNewswire] HRG Robotics Showcases Incubation Strengths at WRC2019

핀하기 페이스북 트위터 카카오스토리 블로그 링크 복사 링크 복사

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[PRNewswire] HRG Robotics Showcases Incubation Strengths at WRC2019

[PRNewswire] HRG Robotics Showcases Incubation Strengths at WRC2019

(BEIJING, Aug. 27, 2019 PRNewswire=연합뉴스) HIT Robot Group (HRG Robotics or "the Group"), a platform operator and service provider for technology innovation and startup incubation in emerging industries, has unveiled its robotic innovations and incubating strengths at the World Robot Conference 2019 running from August 20 to 25 in Beijing.

During the conference, the Group's incubation of robotic companies has particularly drawn attention as the Group's President Wang Meng shared the company's experience in incubating an industrial robotics education company in a speech at the World Forum on Robot 2019, part of WRC 2019.

China's demographic dividend is facing downward pressure, and in many industries, robots are used to fulfill production capacity, said Wang, adding that China has been the world's largest industrial robot market for six straight years. In early 2017, multiple ministries released data showing that the manufacturing industry would see massive talent shortage by 2025.

To fulfill the demand for skilled workers in manufacturing, in 2015, HRG Robotics started to incubate HRG EduBot, a company that focuses on industrial robot education. It rolled out an online education app that now has over a million users with 90,000 daily active users and provides research and development knowledge support for users aged 18 to 23 and on-the-job training for users aged 24 to 30. So far, HRG Edubot has cooperated with nearly a hundred schools in China to establish robotic training curricula and professional programs.

Through the Group's dedication to creating a "Robotics Biosphere," an initiative to realize the optimized integration of all resources in the robotics sector, HRG EduBot has also deployed offline schools in Jiangsu, Anhui, Shandong, Jiangxi, Chongqing and Guangdong, covering major cities and areas that aim to develop the smart manufacturing industry.

"Innovation is the fundamental driving force of the Group and talent is our priority, followed by our duty of incubation. We pay full attention in tackling the pain points of the development of the industry, and our incubation of HRG EduBot fully reflects this," said Wang

As an essential part of the Biosphere initiative, the Group has assisted over 100 companies within the ecosystem, which are named as "HRG Biosphere companies." HRG Robotics offers a wide range of support and services to companies, transforming research achievements into products, and turning those products into merchandise. Through its "Robotics Biosphere" initiative, HRG Robotics incubation program offers support including innovation, finance, human resources, legal consultancy, management, establishing liaison with local governments, support in supply chain and production.

"We believe that the booming growth of the 'Robotics Biosphere' ecosystem will bring up HRG Robotics' brand value. To this end, we have been actively mobilizing and integrating industry resources, talents, and financial resources to serve the companies incubated in the ecosystem," said Wang.

The Group is also hosting a roadshow competition, a program initiated by its Fanxing Institute, the corporate training arm of HRG Robotics, to empower start-ups in industries including manufacturing, healthcare, Internet, entertainment, education, new energy and food industries, and help them match suitable opportunities and expand resources.

During the conference, 16 HRG Biosphere companies also showcased their products surrounding industrial robotics, AIoT security, medical rehabilitation robotics, service robotics, special robotics and education on industrial robotics.

Highlights include Bee Robot which is well received in Japan as well as an integrated system for an automotive clutch assembly line that has been put to use in Russia. The Bee Robot, a collaborative AMR developed by the Yiwu Laisi Technology, an HRG biosphere company, is equipped with simultaneous localization and mapping technology. The robot offers users a high-quality logistics warehousing experience supported by a smart warehousing management system. A robot's optimized battery sustainability makes sure that it can work for eight hours non-stop and find charging stations automatically when their batteries are low.

HRG Robotics' human-machine coordinated automobile clutch assembly and production line can significantly reduce the cost of equipment. The production line only requires five people to work on the line, much efficient than a typical manual production line that needs 17 to 22 workers. The product has been exported to Russia, and it is currently being promoted across China.

About HRG Robotics

Established in 2014, HIT Robot Group (HRG) is a platform operator and service provider for technology innovation and startup incubation in emerging industries, especially the robotics industry. Built upon the innovation-incubation-industry three-pillar structure, HRG focuses on the coordinative development of entity economy, technology innovation, modern finance and human resources supported by integrating research, industrial and financial chains, aiming at accomplishments in technology innovation, IP commercialization, and industry cultivation. Now HRG is a system that encourages innovation, entrepreneurship and industry development achieved by its business network made up of one headquarters, four business centers, dozens of industry bases and overseas offices.

Source: HIT Robot Group

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