[AsiaNet] Everything from farms to jogging: 5G is transforming the face and

핀하기 페이스북 트위터 카카오스토리 블로그 링크 복사 링크 복사

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[AsiaNet] Everything from farms to jogging: 5G is transforming the face and

[AsiaNet] Everything from farms to jogging: 5G is transforming the face and

future of Chongming

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(SHANGHAI, Nov. 19, 2019 AsiaNet=연합뉴스) Unmanned 5G harvesters are being deployed on dedicated harvesting routes on the Wanhe organic farm on the eastern part of Chongming District.

Self-driving seeders, organic farm robots and unmanned pesticide-spraying aircraft are also working on other fields. At the Chongming Farm Quality Control Center, farmers are checking HD video surveillance of the work in process instantly via 5G.

More high-quality farmland, irrigation, technology and government policies are among the factors behind bumper harvests over recent years on Chongming Island.

"Thanks to the 5G network, we can get rid of the excessive dependence on farmers and realize the control and management of machines, improving the efficiency," says Huang Zhen, official with Wanhe organic farm. "We can firmly hold the 'rice bowl' in our own hands."

With large bandwidth, low delay and big connection characteristics, "5G+ smart harvesters" realize the all-round support for the cultivation and management of agricultural production including comprehensive mechanization, obstacle avoidance, remote control and self-driving.

And these new-energy harvesters can collect and analyze production data in real time using artificial intelligence technology, improving environmental and ecological protection.

The district government announced that with the full coverage of the 5G network on the island, Chongming will apply the technology to agricultural intelligent driving and operations, high-precision flight monitoring and analysis, real-time supervision of agricultural products, agricultural robots, remote agricultural technology training and guidance, industrialized breeding analysis, and the real-time collection of agricultural data and cloud computing.

5G+ Wisdom for medicine

The Chongming branch of Shanghai Xinhua Hospital has been fully covered by the 5G network. It is exploring the application of 5G for remote consultations, pre-hospital first-aid, remote surgery guidance, remote ultrasound connections and augmented reality guidance. It has completed the district's first pre-hospital first-aid exercise in an ambulance with the help of 5G to offer more timely treatment for patients.

Liu Lan, director of ultrasound department of the hospital, uses her 5G smartphone and a mobile ultrasonic device to guide a thyroid ultrasound check by Lu Liju from the Chenqiao Town Community Health Service Center.

"Local patients prefer to go to the nearest community health service center as their first visit," says Liu. "With the full coverage from 5G technology, our hospital brings the remote consultation system to help the service centers for the diagnosis of emergency and complicated cases."

A patient surnamed Wang said: "The system saves the time for the process of diagnosis. We can even receive health care at home."

With 5G, specialists in leading hospitals on the island can give directions to grassroots doctors and guidance on diagnosis and treatment.

"We are now working on promoting the 5G remote diagnosis system to realize remote inpatient treatment, promoting the quality of medical treatment of the island," says Fei Zewei, president of the Chongming branch of Shanghai Xinhua Hospital.

5G+ Self-driving

At the Zhihuidao Industrial Park, a self-driving shuttle bus assisted by 5G is on a test run. And a cleaning car is on duty at the Chongming Xincheng Conference Center. The shuttle bus, equipped with laser radar, is able to complete all autonomous operations with the assistance of 5G.

5G+ Smart sports

Chongming, an eco-island of sports, has been using 5G, 4K and VR technologies for live broadcasts of events. At Luhua Marathon Town, 5G running is attracting more sports lovers. The players can check in and out with the 5G network. Audiences can watch 360-degree views, while the performance data of the players is collected in real time.

5G+ Smart retail

A smart workshop system is being applied on 26 production lines at Yunliang Factory featuring 5G and AI technologies. It can manage the power, facilities, equipment and working sheets much more efficiently.

By the end of October, Chongming had 539 5G stations including 23 indoors. The government has said it will realize the full coverage of the island in the future.

Source: Wanhe Organic Farm

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