[PRNewswire] YPO Announces Six Global Impact Award Global Honorees

입력 2020-01-28 15:34  

[PRNewswire] YPO Announces Six Global Impact Award Global Honorees

(NEW YORK, Jan. 28, 2020 PRNewswire=연합뉴스) Today, YPO [https://www.ypo.org/about-ypo/ ], the global leadership community of more than 28,000 chief executives in 135 countries, announced the six Global Impact Award global honorees.

The YPO Global Impact Award [https://www.ypo.org/global-impact-awards/ ] is YPO's highest honor to members that recognizes their impact outside of YPO, celebrating CEO impact that is both sustainable and scalable.

A regional honoree was selected from each of YPO's 14 regions; from those 14, six have been named the GIA global honorees.

The recipient of the 2020 YPO Global Impact Award will be announced live onstage at the YPO EDGE [https://www.ypo.org/exclusive-events/ypo-global-edge/ ], YPO's annual thought leadership summit, in San Diego, California, USA, 5-6 March.

"With the expansion of our YPO Global Impact Award program, we are recognizing the extraordinary impact our members are having on our global community and celebrating their amazing journeys to make a true difference through the organizations and philanthropic efforts they lead," says Pascal Gerken, Chair of the YPO Global Impact Award program and 2018-2019 YPO Chairman.

Six Global Impact Award Global Honorees:

Rodrigo Baggio (Latin America)
Rodrigo Baggio is the Founder and President of Recode [https://recode.org.br/ ], the first non-profit organization to empower youth in social vulnerability through technology in Latin America. Recode creates and disseminates entrepreneurship training and the use of digital tools to support facilitators in low income communities and its youth to reprogram their realities.

Yann Borgstedt (Europe)
Yann Borgstedt is the Founder of The Womanity Foundation [https://womanity.org/ ], a Swiss foundation at the intersection of venture philanthropy and social investment dedicated to accelerating gender equality through innovative projects. Womanity believes in a world where men and women enjoy equal rights and opportunities. Since 2005, Womanity's work has reached 27.6 million people.

Willy Foote (Northeastern U.S.)
Willy Foote is Founder and CEO of Root Capital [https://rootcapital.org/ ], a nonprofit that invests in the growth of agricultural enterprises so they can transform rural communities. Root Capital provides small and growing businesses in Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia with the capital and training they need to thrive.

Sunil Lalvani (Middle East/North Africa)
Sunil Lalvani is the CEO and Founder of Project Maji [https://www.projectmaji.org/ ], which provides sustainable, clean water access to rural communities across sub-Saharan Africa via solar-pumping technology. Project Maji is disrupting the non-profit model by operating as a sustainable social business rather than a traditional charity.

Patricia Nzolantima (Africa)
Patricia Nzolantima is the founder and CEO of the Bizzoly Holdings, which helps women utilize their full potential, emancipate themselves and use their leadership to bring positive changes. Out of that work, she also created the Working Ladies WIA Hub [http://www.workingladieshub.com/about-us/ ], the first female accelerator in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Buddy Teaster (Southeast U.S. and Caribbean)
Buddy Teaster is the CEO of Soles4Souls [https://www.soles4souls.org/ ], which turns shoes and clothing into opportunity, by putting them to good use ― providing relief, creating jobs and empowering people to break the cycle of poverty. Since 2006, Soles4Souls has kept over 35 million pairs of shoes and 12 million pieces of clothing from going to waste and distributed them in 127 countries and all 50 US states.

About YPO:
YPO is the global leadership community of more than 28,000 chief executives in 135 countries who are driven by the belief that the world needs better leaders. Each of our members have achieved significant leadership success at a young age. Combined, they lead businesses and organizations contributing USD 9 trillion in annual revenue. YPO members inspire and support each other through peer learning and exceptional experiences in an inclusive community of open sharing and trust. For more information, visit ypo.org [https://www.ypo.org/?utm_source=general_press&utm_medium=PR&utm_campaign=DAVOS ].

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Source: YPO

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