[PRNewswire] Fettes College Guangzhou raises the bar for boarding education

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[PRNewswire] Fettes College Guangzhou raises the bar for boarding education
in China

(HONG KONG, Sept. 16, 2020 PRNewswire=연합뉴스) Fettes College Guangzhou has opened on the 1st of September 2020, offering a co-educational boarding and day school with Kindergarten to year 12 school guided by GCSE, A Level and the International Baccalaureate curricula. As one of the UK's top private schools, Fettes College will be partnering for the first time in Asia with Bright Scholar Education, China's largest K-12 school operator.

Through the partnership, Bright Scholar will enable Fettes College to bring to mainland China its special and highly sought after brand of traditional British boarding education, which will be blended with the strength of Chinese scholastics and informed by modern, innovative approaches to teaching and learning. The ethos and guiding principles of Fettes College Guangzhou will be founded on nurturing the individual while fostering a happy well-ordered and caring community with strong family values at its core.

"Our mission looks to develop broadly educated, confident and thoughtful individuals who are prepared for life beyond school and all the opportunities and challenges it will bring," said Founding Head of College, Mr Marco Longmore. "The ethos and guiding principles of Fettes College Guangzhou will be founded on nurturing the individual while fostering a happy well-ordered and caring community with strong family values at its core," he added.

The FCG campus will set a new standard for schools in China and beyond. An expansive 33-acre bespoke campus is located on a spacious and superbly equipped campus in Zengcheng, bordered by forest and hills and yet within an hour's drive of the centre of Guangzhou and Baiyun International Airport, and just a 1.5 hour drive away from Hong Kong. Designed by international architects Broadway Malayan, it has been specifically designed to deliver a unique approach to learning. Their world-class facilities for teaching, sports, music, drama as well as home-from-home boarding houses and green space for reflection and creativity will provide an ideal environment for children flourish.

"At the heart of the world-class holistic education enjoyed by students at Fettes College Guangzhou, lies a close focus on discovery, learning and academic development. Every individual is encouraged to stretch and challenge themselves intellectually and to velop the self-motivation to be the best that they can be. This outcome is achieved through a combination of inspirational teaching from the highly committed staff, a strong work ethic among the students, and a shared ambition to succeed," said Mr Longmore.

The curriculum offered at FCG is bilingual and will draw on the strengths and rigour of both Chinese and British pedagogy. It will deliver all the requirements of the Chinese National Curriculum blended with the inquiry-based approach to learning of the International Baccalaureate and will be delivered in a manner that emphasises the essential values of an authentic Fettes education. In this way FCG is confident they will emulate the excellent examination results of pupils at Fettes College and their outstanding success rate in gaining places at leading UK and international universities and colleges.

"We understand this is a challenging time throughout the world, yet we have the long-term view that our offering is now more than ever relevant to the young students we will teach; the place from which we come from, and the home that we will establish here in Guangzhou is encapsulated in our motto 'Rooted in China, Globally Minded'," said Mr Longmore.

Combining the strengths of Western and Eastern educational practices in this way allows FCG to offer Chinese and international families a unique, world-class bilingual education that will allow its students access to global opportunities in their lives beyond school.

About Fettes College Guangzhou (www.fettes.cn)
Fettes Guangzhou is a collaborative venture between Bright Scholar, the largest operator of K-12 Schools in China, and Fettes College, a world-renowned British boarding school with 150 years of educational history. Fettes Guangzhou will, without compromise, reflect the full-boarding, co-educational ethos of Fettes College Edinburgh and deliver a truly all-round education.

Located on a 33-acre purpose-built campus, the school will be both bilingual and dual-curricular, offering an unrivalled educational experience in China producing highly educated and well-rounded students with the skills to realise their global ambitions.

About Fettes College (www.fettes.com)
Fettes College is uniquely situated in private, extensive grounds close to the heart of Edinburgh and enjoys the reputation as one of the UK's pre-eminent boarding schools for boys and girls aged 7-18. Renowned for their sector-leading pastoral care and academic excellence, Fettes develops broadly-educated, confident and thoughtful individuals who are prepared for life after Fettes and all the opportunities and challenges it will bring.

A strong foundation for the future, a family for life.

About Bright Scholar Education Holdings Limited (www.brightscholar.com)
Bright Scholar Education Group (formerly Country Garden Education Group) is a world's leading K12 education group and a core alliance enterprise of Country Garden, one of the world's Top 500. Founded in 1994, Bright Scholar has a long history and strong strength of running schools. Currently, it has more than enrolled 51,000 students, 100+ kindergartens, schools and English training centres around the world (including 8 overseasK12 schools and 10 language schools), as well as an information platform of national campus admission -- Bolehui (searching through WeChat applets).

The business of Bright Scholar consists of four sectors: domestic K12 education, overseas K12 education, complementary education (including global study tour, camp education, English training, art exam training, international competition and course training, service for studying abroad, and job counselling for international students) and education technology (3i Global Academy). 93.6% of the 2020 AP/A-LEVEL/DP program graduates received admission letters from the world's top 50 universities, including University of Oxford, University of Cambridge and University of Chicago.

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Source: Fettes College Guangzhou

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